Yin & Yoga

Reiki Healing

Theta Healing

Reiki healing is an ancient practice of tapping into an energy source using an alpha brainwave which energy can be channeled through the hands of the practitioner into the client and can resolve many energy blockages caused by different emotions and manifested as physical. Dis-ease cannot live in a body of light. In this practice the client is comfortably lying down while the practitioner places hands on various different areas of the body and channels the flow of healing energy into the client. This is combined with a guided meditation for the client. Reiki is a very relaxing and gentle practice. Reiki seEach ssion includes an assessment of the energy flow through the chakra energy centres prior to and following the session. Aromatherapy and crystal stones are also used as part of the practice to enhance the session as well as smudging to clear energy in the area of the session. Call and leave message or email to book a one hour session in your home of Reiki energy clearing for an introductory price of $60.00.

Reflection and meditation without tension or strain is exactly what you get with Yin yoga. Using a sequence of long-held poses, you'll gain introspection and move your body to a heightened state of physiological relaxation. It is a perfect way to cleanse your mind and body of anxiety, tension, and stress from the day. Deep breathing is practiced to connect the body with the breath and the mind and access the parasympathetic nervous system which is the rest, digest and healing mode of the body. In our society we often are in a fight or flight mode a large majority of the time which doesn't give our body the opportunity to heal itself which it is designed to do. Meditation and body awareness is also incorporated to link mind, body and spirit. 

Integrated Energy Healing

Tapping into spiritual energy, this form of energy healing is the laying on of hands in various placements on the body and chanelling healing energy to let go of pain and suffering and embrace love and joy. Suppressed feellings cause energy blockages in the body and are gently released without needing to relive the trauma. This energy is released from our cellular memory which facilitates the body's ability to heal itself. IET supports you in safely releasing limiting energy patterns from the past and empowers your life now and in the future.

It is administered by the laying on of hands in specific positions like acupressure points while the client is laying down and relaxed while fully clothed. It is a very gentle and non invasive form of healing. All the client must do is lay down and relax.

There is a divine matrix of energy that connects all of us. The on is what we use to transmit cell phone signals. In the off is how we connect to the unconditional love and supreme intelligence that we all come from, are connected to and go back to. Theta healing is a form of healing that taps into this energy using a theta brainwave to bring healing and clarity about some of the root emotional issues buried in our subconscious that are causing the physical manifestation of disease. In this practice we sit together holding hands and I will ask you some questions about concerns that you might have. There is muscle testing that I can do to determine what your subconscious mind believes to be true as our conscious mind is only around 10% and our subconscious often has different core beliefs than what we consciously think. If the root of emotions can be found while tapping into this divine matrix instantaneous physical, emotional and spiritual healing is often manifested. Many have experienced healing of serious deep rooted issues via this form of healing. I would really encourage others to experience this amazingly powerful healing modality! Each session will include muscle testing prior to and following the session for confirmation of healing taking place through the subconscious mind.

Three  choices for session:

1) I bring portable massage table, relaxing music, crystals, eye pillow  neck pillow as well as blanket. I also bring a bolster for under your knees and you relax while I lay on hands and put pressure on trigger points and foot reflexology is an option now as well. 

2) I lead you in a restorative yoga session with laying on of hands during yoga practice. I bring the yoga mat, crystals, relaxing music, bolsters and all other props.

All you need to provide is a little space and a relatively quiet environment. Be prepared to feel amazing! Try it for yourself to see and feel the difference in your health and wellbeing! I also now have a studio available to book in the Exchange District in Winnipeg. 

3) WHAT IS DISTANCE HEALING? I have had excellent results with clients being healed of various physical & emotional ailments through both in person sessions & distance healing sessions. 

If you are not close enough to me geographically to have a session with me in person, there is a distance healing option. 

- In this session we prearrange a time when you can rest and relax comfortably and relatively undisturbed. Then we connect at the beginning of the session via either text, email or phone and you can indicate if you have any specific concerns that you would like to have addressed and then I channel the energy to you for the duration of the session and we connect again at the end of the session for any feedback or questions. 


Reflexology and energy healing combined are very powerful! I have seen very powerful healing with this combination! Reflexology is putting pressure on the nerve endings of the meridians connected to all parts of the body. This enables the body to come back into balance and enables the body to heal itself. I am currently completing my certification in Reflexology and am a member of the Reflexology Association of Canada. 

Thai Massage

This massage system is highly similar to traditional Chinese medicine, especially considering its focus on improving the flow of energy through the body along the energy lines, called sen in Thai.

The massage therapist applies direct or rhythmic pressure on the muscles using gentle thumbing and palm pressure along the energy lines of the body, thus releasing tension and blockages. 

This form of massage is often called "dream yoga" as you experience very gentle stretches and massage while in a passive, meditative state.