Try it for yourself to see that it works!

                                                                                                                                                What is Energy Healing?

Western science has now proven and is able to quantify and measure that we have lines of energy moving through our bodies. Our bodies have a thin layer of connective tissue throughout called fascia. The energy flows through this fascia which corresponds to the chinese meridians of acupuncture. Eastern cultures have known this for thousands of years but we are only now able to prove this scientifically. 

I am trained to channel this energy to move freely through the body and to eliminate blockages in the energy flow. This is energy healing. The more freely your energy can flow through your body the greater your sense of well being. This effects individuals physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is a total mind, body and soul healing. Your body knows how to heal itself. A doctor will set a bone but then the body heals itself. With continuous energy flow the body is capable of amazing healing of self! 

Your experience of this is myself putting my hands on your and pressure on trigger points while you relax on  my portable massage table fully clothed. 

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Yin Yoga is a physical practice which releases energy blockages in the body and allows energy to flow freely throughout the body. 

Energy healing is a natural way to heal using a whole body, mind and spirit approach. Dis-ease cannot exist in a body of light. Healing emotional and spiritual issues will in turn heal the physical manifestation. I provide hands on Reiki and energy healing sessions in your home. It is non invasive and relaxing. Chakra balancing is the process of restoring a harmonius flow of energy across the chakra system. The effect of well balanced chakras often translates into a feeling of well-being, relaxation, centeredness, increased vitality and embodiment of oneself.

The purpose of chakra balancing is to support a balanced flow that will sustain our overall level of energy. In our everyday life, we are subjected to many stresses that result in fluctuations of our energy level. Some may feel draining, others energizing. Past events and experiences also influence how we manage our energy day to day.

Stresses placed on us by the demands of life may result in interruptions and fluctuations in our energy flow and chakra imbalances. Balancing consists of establishing sufficient and consistent flow where is not enough, regulating energy where there is too much and aligning where there is a distortion or displacement. 

You can use energy medicine to:

Lessen aches, pains, illness and disease;

create deeper happiness, satisfaction and contentment;

increase focus, clarity and productivity;

renew balance, health, harmony and well-being.